Prevention and Education Program

Prevention is without a doubt the most effective means to significantly reduce the risks of abduction, aggression or exploitation of children. It is for this reason that we developed, in collaboration with professionals and law enforcement agencies, a unique and interactive education program.


Our interactive How I Stay Safe workshops are designed for children and youth and teach them how to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Our personal safety workshops are tailored to meet the developmental needs of the students and cover a variety of subjects such as trusting one’s instincts, creating safe profiles and the importance of developing healthy and egalitarian relationships.

The Missing Children’s Network delivers the following workshops year-round for children ages 5 to 17 years-old:


Because we are convinced that it is just as important to teach children to protect themselves as it is  to read or write, the Katimavik-Hébert team reached out to the Missing Children’s Network .

It is with much enthusiasm that we recommend this organization so that all young people can develop their confidence, as well as learn to trust their instinct, stay home alone and be alert when surfing the Internet.

Their animators are dynamic and knowledgeable and captured the attention of all the students and adults present.

Isabelle Lucier, Assistant Director École Katimavik-Hébert, CSMB

We loved having the Missing Children’s Network at our day camp – they were organized and well-structured. The animators were interactive, dynamic and energetic! They had age appropriate activities and information for the children. The kids were engaged and were having a great time! We will definitely have them back at our camp!

Pierrefonds Day Camps


Using a positive and non-threatening language, our SHINE Prevention Officers engage the children through role-playing that help foster positive choices when on the Internet and in the real world. Our workshops provide children and youth with skills, information, self-confidence and support that will enhance their self-esteem and help them to avoid falling victim to abduction and abuse.

For more information, please contact Cynthia Patenaude at 514 843-4333 or by email:

To register for the workshops click here.

Both workshops were excellently executed. The animators used language that was appropriate for the age group, as well as examples that the children could relate to. I believe that these workshops are extremely important for children to take part in, because they are preventive measures for keeping children safe, and to help them protect themselves in case of danger. The information was relevant for the campers and delivered in a way that kept them engaged and interested. […] We will definitely be scheduling workshops from the Missing Children’s Network in future years as we believe the campers benefitted immensely from them.

Antoinette Lacono

Coordinator, Camp Fusion

Seminars for Parents

Offered year-round to groups of 15 adults or more, our seminars empower parents with the skills and knowledge that will assist them in building their children’s confidence and critical thinking skills, thus preparing their youngsters and teens for potentially dangerous situations should they arise. The following seminars are available:

  • Together for Safety
  • Staying Safe On and Offline
  • When the Abductor is a Parent
  • Teen Runaways: Signs, Prevention and What to Do if They Run
  • Sexual Exploitation of Teens

For more information, please contact Nancy Duncan at 514 843-4333 or by email:


For a number of years, the SPVM is able to count upon the collaboration of a choice partner: The Missing Children’s Network.  The commitment of your organization in delivering quality prevention and education program, is without a doubt, an invaluable contribution. The safety of children on the Internet is a very serious preoccupation for the SPVM. Your safety workshops help children to better understand how the virtual world works and provides them with simple and practical tools that can make a big difference in helping them stay safe.

Vincent Richer

Commander, Montreal Police Service

Just like you, I believe that prevention is an indispensable tool in helping keep children safe in today’s society. By teaching youngsters to be more vigilant both on the Internet and in other situations, this initiative spares lives and unnecessary suffering in families and society. For these reasons, this Prevention Program is deserving of all the support in the world so that we can continue to empower our children to stay safe on-and-offline.

Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu

Professional Training Sessions

The Missing Children’s Network is committed to provide training sessions and resources to law enforcement personnel, health care professionals and educators. We offer the following trainings:

  • When the Abductor is a Parent
  • Parental Alienation Syndrome
  • Preventing Runaways and Sexual Exploitation of Youth
  • How to Prevent the Sexual Abuse of Children in Youth Serving Organizations

For more information, please contact Nancy Duncan at 514 843-4333 or by email:

Just like the Missing Children’s Network, we are convinced that the protection of children must be a priority in our society. These safety workshops are effective tools in that regard.

André Drolet

President, Info-Crime Montréal

Lunch and Learn

The Missing Children’s Network offers Lunch & Learn sessions, bilingual and free of charge!

Inform and sensitize your employees in only 45 minutes, in the comfort of your workplace!

Following are some of topics that can be addressed:

  • The importance of keeping current regarding safety issues;
  • How to broach personal safety issues without unduly frightening children;
  • How and why children fall victim to abduction and exploitation;
  • The concept of ‘stranger-danger’ is outdated and ignores the fact that most children are abducted or abused by someone they know;
  • Age-appropriate educational activities that reinforce safety concepts, both on and offline;
  • Keeping children safe on and offline.

Our sessions also provide employees with a glimpse of who we are, what we do, where we are going and ways to get involved in our projects or signature events.
If your company would like to host a Lunch & Learn session, please contact Nancy Duncan, Director of Family Services :  or  by phone 514 843-4968, ext. 223

The Missing Children's Network is pleased to inform you that 17-year-old Alycia Dupré missing since July 31, 2019 has been found and is doing well. Thank you to all those who shared her poster. ... See MoreSee Less

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“Every year in Quebec, on average, 5,000 cases of runaway youth are reported to law enforcement. Our experience has shown that one in every three runaways fall victim to sexual exploitation.” said Pina Arcamone, Director General of the Missing Children’s Network. “Exploiters target and prey on the vulnerability of young people and groom them by gaining their trust, showering them with affection and attention and promising a better and more glamourous life.”
Make a difference. Show our youth that their safety is also your priority. Donate to the Missing Children’s Network today.

#KEEPTHEMSAFE« Chaque année, en moyenne, au Québec, 5 000 fugues sont rapportées aux forces policières. Notre expérience démontre qu’un fugueur sur trois devient victime d’exploitation sexuelle », déclare Pina Arcamone, directrice générale du Réseau Enfants-Retour. «Les exploiteurs ciblent les jeunes et profitent de leur vulnérabilité pour les préparer, en gagnant leur confiance, en les couvrant d’affection et d’attention, ainsi qu’en leur promettant une vie meilleure et plus excitante. »
Contribuez au changement et montrez à nos jeunes que vous avez leur sécurité à cœur. Faites un don aujourd’hui au Réseau Enfants-Retour.

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The Missing Children's Network is pleased to inform you that 16 year old Anouk Sévigny missing since October 24th, 2019 has been found and is doing well. Thank you to all those who shared her poster. ... See MoreSee Less

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The mere thought that a child may run away from home is an issue that many parents worry about. Difficulties within the family, bullying (cyberbullying) and negative influences can affect how a teen manages their personal problems. They may consider running away from home as a solution to their problem. Maintaining an open and free from judgement communication space can facilitate conversation with your child. By reminding them that we are available and ready to listen to them, they will feel more comfortable in sharing issues when they emerge. It could be pertinent to prepare a list of resources for your child and post it in a common space in your home. Furthermore, if you ever have any doubts or preoccupations, do not hesitate to seek support and/or resources. fugue est un phénomène qui inquiète plus d’un parent. Des difficultés familiales, de l’intimidation (cyberintimidation) et des mauvaises influences peuvent mener l’adolescent à une incapacité à faire face à ses problèmes personnels. La fugue pourrait lui apparaître comme une solution. Or, il n’est jamais trop tard pour prévenir et agir! Maintenir un espace de communication ouvert et sans jugement peut favoriser les échanges avec notre enfant. Lui rappeler que nous sommes disponibles et à son écoute fera également en sorte qu’il sera plus à l’aise de se confier lorsqu’un problème surviendra. Il serait pertinent d’ébaucher une liste de ressources pour votre enfant et de la rendre disponible dans un espace commun de la maison. Puis, si vous avez des doutes ou des inquiétudes, n’hésitez pas à demander du soutien auprès des ressources s’adressant aux parents.
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