35 Years of Hope … Keeping the Flame Burning Thanks to YOU!  

As 2020 slowly draws to an end, we thank all our generous supporters and donors for allowing the Missing Children’s Network to be a critical resource and a reassuring presence in Quebec.

Thanks to YOU, hundreds of families received crisis intervention services, assistance and most of all … HOPE! As well, thousands of students in the province developed the skills and reflexes needed to stay safe in their daily activities, both on and offline.

Please know that your contributions are our stronghold and our beacon, guiding and empowering us to continue our quest in bringing missing children safely back home to their families!  

This year, YOU allowed the Missing Children’s Network to:

  • Reunite 89 children with their families;
  • Respond to an AMBER Alert and assist Surêté du Quebec in the search for two missing sisters;
  • Inform 8546 students on ways to increase their personal safety online;
  • Publish, SHINE Brighter for You and Your Child, a booklet designed to help parents gain a better understanding of the pre-adolescence years;
  • Produce a series of educational and informative video clips and Facebook Live sessions for parents;
  • Partner with La CLES in the fight to eradicate the exploitation of youth;
  • Collaborate with l’Association des familles de personnes assassinées ou disparues and Meurtres et disparitions irrsésolus du Québec in the production of videos allowing families with a missing loved one to share their stories;
  • Gather with families of missing children for a special virtual event commemorating National Missing Children’s Day.

Let’s continue to keep the eternal flame of hope burning for all our searching families and shining brightly on our youth!

From our home to yours, best wishes for the Holidays, and for much good health and happiness throughout the coming year.

Welcome Victoria Charlton!

Welcome Victoria Charlton!

We are excited to announce the arrival of Victoria Charlton as Honourary Godmother of the Missing Children’s Network! Victoria is a native of Quebec and is currently residing in Mexico with her spouse. Victoria is a well-known YouTuber, social media influencer,...

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Prevention Program for Students in Grades 5, 6 and Secondary 1 SHINE (Self-esteem, Healthy relationships, Independence, No means no, Empowerment) aims to prevent sexual exploitation and is addressed to youth aged 10 to 13. The workshops deal with assertiveness,...

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Make a Donation

Your donations make a real difference in our community and help support our ongoing involvement in the search for missing children, as well as assist us in our efforts to protect our youth from harm.


“It’s a privilege to be able to contribute to your efforts in keeping our children safe.  When I saw the stats particularly for Quebec, it really hit home the urgency to continue to educate our kids on the hazards that exist and ways to keep themselves safe.”


Since I have been donating to your organization, I have been very lucky not to have lost any of my children and I now have 4 grandchildren!  I will always continue to support this cause that is very dear to me. Losing a child for a mere 20 seconds is such a dreadful feeling, and I could never ever imagine feeling like this until my child was returned home.  I wish that so many other parents could share the same blessing I have had. My heart goes out to everyone who has a missing child. Keep up the fantastic work Pina , please. You and your team are amazing!!

Sandra Bolduc

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