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The Missing Children’s Network is excited to be a part of #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving that is fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.

On December 3rd, we invite you to join this growing movement and come together with your family, friends and co-workers and help us raise $5,000 so that we can teach 1,000 youngsters to stay safe through our #keepmesafe program in elementary schools.

Donate today and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and invite your network to donate, as well as like and share our regular updates about this important campaign. The Missing Children’s Network has helped tens of thousands of children stay safe. On December 3rd, with your support, we can reach more!

We believe that every child deserves a safe childhood. If you agree, let’s come together and make this a reality. Our youth is counting on us!

Thank you!
Pina Arcamone, Director General

As we head into the holiday season, many parents may be confronted with that awkward moment when their child refuses to either sit on Santa’s lap or hug and kiss a family member.

Many parents are not prepared to deal with these situations: Should you insist that he sit on Santa’s lap? Kiss Grandma? Hug Uncle Bill? To spare a relative’s feelings, many parents will urge children to endure or even return unwanted physical affection.

But, is this the wisest thing to do? Here’s why we shouldn’t force our children to hug relatives or other adults:À l’arrivée du congé du Temps des Fêtes, plusieurs parents font face au refus de leur enfant de s’asseoir sur les genoux du Père Noël ou encore de faire la bise à un proche.

Comme parent, il est possible que vous ne sachiez pas comment réagir dans une telle situation : dois-je obliger mon enfant à s’asseoir sur le père Noël? Embrasser grand-maman? Faire un câlin à oncle Paul? Certains parents vont tenter de convaincre leur enfant d’agir contre son gré, mais est-ce la bonne chose à faire?

Voici quelques suggestions pour comprendre pourquoi nous devrions respecter les limites des enfants :
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At the request of the Sûreté du Québec, the Missing Children’s Network is seeking your collaboration in the search for 16-year-old Gabriel Constantineau, missing since December 4, 2019.

Thank you for sharing this information!À la demande de la Sûreté du Québec, le Réseau Enfants-Retour sollicite votre collaboration afin de retrouver Gabriel Constantineau, 16 ans, disparu depuis le 4 décembre 2019.

Merci de partager cette information.
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1,569 times THANK YOU for your generosity on #GivingTuesday !

#keepmesafe #GivingTuesday #GivingTuesdayCA #GivingTuesdayMTL#ThankYouThursday1 569 fois MERCI pour votre générosité!

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November is Runaway Prevention Month

Montreal, November 1, 2019. For the 9th consecutive year, the Missing Children’s Network is dedicating the entire month of November to raising awareness about the plight of runaway youth in our province and what families can do to protect their children. Throughout...

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Runaways: Signs and Prevention

Year after year, running away is the most frequent reason that Quebec teens go missing. There are three main reasons why teens run away: Lack of parent-child communication; The inability to deal with their personal problems; The mistreatment by their parents or others...

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Meet our new SHINE Ambassadors!

We can finally share some exciting news!!!! We are proud to announce that Kim Gingras and Drea Wheeler will be our Ambassadors for SHINE. Kim Gingras is a professional dancer, performer, educator, judge on the TV show “Danser pour...

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Make a Donation

Your donations make a real difference in our community and help support our ongoing involvement in the search for missing children, as well as assist us in our efforts to protect our youth from harm.


“It’s a privilege to be able to contribute to your efforts in keeping our children safe.  When I saw the stats particularly for Quebec, it really hit home the urgency to continue to educate our kids on the hazards that exist and ways to keep themselves safe.”


Since I have been donating to your organization, I have been very lucky not to have lost any of my children and I now have 4 grandchildren!  I will always continue to support this cause that is very dear to me. Losing a child for a mere 20 seconds is such a dreadful feeling, and I could never ever imagine feeling like this until my child was returned home.  I wish that so many other parents could share the same blessing I have had. My heart goes out to everyone who has a missing child. Keep up the fantastic work Pina , please. You and your team are amazing!!

Sandra Bolduc

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