Montreal, December 12, 2022

The Board of Directors of the Missing Children’s Network announces the retirement of its Executive Director, Ms. Pina Arcamone.

We want to thank Pina for her outstanding contribution over the past 28 years. She has led the Network with passion and professionalism, spearheading many projects, including the SHINE program, which encourages youth in Quebec to make safe decisions to prevent sexual exploitation. Pina has also built strong relationships with the organizations supporting the Network’s mission and with valued partners and donors. We wish Pina a well-deserved retirement.

” It has been a humbling and rewarding journey…one filled with many ups and downs. Oceans of tears have been shed along the way. I will forever cherish the many happy reunifications that I was privy to be a part of and will carry in my heart all those children who left us their lives as a legacy. To all those courageous families that warmly welcomed me into their homes and openly shared their innermost hopes, dreams and fears … your hope will always be my hope.

We must continue to give missing children a resounding voice and protect our youth from abduction, aggression, and exploitation. Our youth are counting on us.” – Pina Arcamone, outgoing Executive Director.

We are pleased to welcome Mélanie Aubut as Executive Director. A mother of three, a lawyer by profession and respected for her involvement in the community, Mélanie has a wide range of professional expertise in the philanthropic, event planning and corporate sectors. Her values are directly aligned with those of the Network. We are confident that Mélanie will bring her personal and professional experience that will allow the Network to continue to shine and pursue its critical mission. We wish her success in this new professional phase.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support in helping us keep hope alive for our missing children and their families. 

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season with your loved ones.

Yves J. Beauchesne CPA, Mba, D.Tax.       

President of the Board of Directors