Adolescence is a period when we feel invincible, bringing lots of young people to neglect the basic safety rules they
learned when they were younger.

As parents, it is important to remind them that although they’re getting older, they are not immune to danger.
Indeed, as they enjoy greater freedom, they face other types of threats and they must remain vigilant at all times.

To ensure their personal safety, we invite you to review with your teens the following prevention tips:

  • Insist that they inform you of their whereabouts, the people accompanying them, and the time they will be back home.
  • Ask them to inform you if there are changes to their schedule.
  • Ask them to contact you immediately if an emergency occurs at home. Make sure you can be reached quickly.
  • Remind them to always carry identification with them when they are away from home.
  • Ask them to inform you if they go to a job interview: the location, contact person, and time.
  • Encourage them not to walk or use public transportation alone at night. Also, insist they hang out in well-lit public places, avoid isolated areas, and never use shortcuts.
  • Remind them to never hitchhike and never agree to get in a car with someone they do not know – even if they are with a friend.
  • Invite them to stay alert if they think they are being followed, if someone suspicious is prowling around the school, etc.
  • Remind them how important it is to respect themselves and to respect others at all times.
  • Ask them to advise you if they are meeting someone they first contacted online. Insist that this meeting takes place in a public place (never in a private residence) and that an adult is present.
  • Remind them to follow their instincts. They should not be afraid to stand up for themselves and to say NO if they feel uncomfortable – even with an adult or a friend.