On the morning of May 25th, the Missing Children’s Network commemorated International Missing Children’s Day by holding a press conference at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School where we proudly announced the creation of SIGN4L, an application that can save the life of a child. The development of this app was made possible thanks to a generous grant by TELUS.

SIGN4L is now available free of charge on most Apple and Android smartphones as well as tablets, and allows users to store up-to-date photos and vital physical descriptions of their child which they can then instantly email or text to the relevant authorities, allowing them to save time in the event of an emergency. The information that will be saved by parents on their child is not stored in any database. Only parents or guardians will be able to access their children’s data sheet. Parents can also rely on the reminder function, which varies according to the age of the child, allowing them to update their child’s profile at any time in the application. SIGN4L also includes safety tips for children as well as the 4 crucial steps to follow in the moments following the disappearance of a child.

“In the event that a child gets lost in a public area, on their way home or, possibly even disappearing altogether, a complete and up-to-date description of the child can save valuable time and will allow police forces to respond more quickly in initiating searches for the missing child.” says Pina Arcamone, Director General of the Missing Children’s Network. “The financial support of the TELUS Montreal Community Board has allowed us to update an important tool that can help us save a child’s life.”

To download SIGN4L:
On Iphone
On Android