Montreal, November 30th, 2021

Dear members of the public,

You already know us; sadly you hear from us when a dramatic event makes headline news. However, we do much more than just responding to crisis situations – our prevention mandate in which we support and educate young children and their families, is also of utmost importance because it contributes to reducing the number of disappearances of youth in Quebec.

We are able to continue supporting families in distress and educating young students in Quebec schools thanks to financial partnerships and donations from the public.  As well, we rely on the success of a number of fundraising events, but these have had to be cancelled or changed drastically since the pandemic. Our organization has not escaped this reality, and the needs are greater than ever.  Unlike other organizations, the Missing Children’s Network does not benefit from the financial support of any level of government. The stark reality is that there is no program available to support the organization’s core activities.  Believe me! We have knocked on so many doors without any success.  At times during the year, there are slim openings in some ministries, and we are very grateful for this support. THIS IS WHY WE NEED YOU!

Today, you will witness the efforts of organizations all over the world that will be using the power of social media for a final blitz of giving before the end of the year –  Giving Tuesday follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two important days where millions of dollars are spent on purchases. Our goal is to raise $ 40,000. What will these funds be used for? To deploy our SHINE FOR Life program in order to educate 4,000 youngsters aged 8 to 13 in schools throughout Quebec. This program aims to significantly reduce sexual exploitation by empowering children and offering them important skills to navigate and avoid the dangers of falling victim to this heinous crime. The current pandemic has contributed to a considerable increase in cases of sexual exploitation of minors, especially on social networks.

The critical aspect of the financial situation brought upon by the pandemic has forced us to multiply our efforts and once again ask for your support. How can you help? Make a one-time or recurring personal donation; conduct a quick collection among your colleagues or family; ask your employer to match your donation. With the end of the fiscal year in sight, you have the chance to catch up on your deduction opportunities by donating to a non-profit organization such as the Missing Children’s Network. A charitable receipt will be issued automatically for all donations over $20.


Thank you for supporting our critical mission! Your contribution is not only vital for our organization but for all the young children that depend on us!


Pina Arcamone
General Manager