May 25th is National Missing Children’s Day and all around the world hundreds of children will be remembered. On this day, we reiterate our commitment to never stop searching until every child is found no matter the circumstances.  In honor of all these children, we are proud to launch the First Edition of our Forget-Me-Not campaign.

Help us reach our goal of $25,000!

Last year, 3,831 Quebec children were reported missing to law enforcement. The Missing Children’s Network knows too well the reality behind the statistics. That is why we are raising awareness on May 25th in honor of all those missing. For families, the disappearance of a child is a very traumatic event that causes grief, fear and despair and as time passes and the spotlight on their missing child starts to fade, these families may find themselves alone in their sorrow.  Missing Children’s Day provides them with a sense of solace and is an important reminder that their children are missing but not forgotten.

For over 36 years, we have been taking action to reunite children with their families. To date, we have assisted law enforcement in safely recovering 1,702 children. To a family whose child has disappeared, our Child Recovery Services are critical because we:

  • Provide advice, emotional support, and facilitate the reunification process
  • Act as a liaison with the police and support the investigation by gathering pertinent information that might be clues and ensure follow-ups
  • Produce and distribute search notices throughout our vast network of partners
  • Are the only non-profit organization in Quebec that parents can turn to for support when their child disappears

Take action on May 25th!

In order to continue our quest in bringing missing children safely home, we need you by our side! We sincerely thank you in advance for making a financial contribution in support of Forget-Me-Not!

Together, we can keep hope alive for all our missing children!