We can finally share some exciting news!!!! We are proud to announce that Kim Gingras and Drea Wheeler will be our Ambassadors for SHINE.

Kim Gingras is a professional dancer, performer, educator, judge on the TV show “Danser pour Gagner”, and co-founder of the female empowerment program YOU GOT THIS, GIRL!

Having worked with the biggest musical icons such as Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor, Gwen Stefani, Nick Jonas, and gracing the world’s most prestigious stages on programs like The Voice, Ellen DeGeneres, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, and X-Factor to name a few, Kim has accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience in her decade long career that is far from over!

Not only does she exude the talent and the star quality you look for in a performer, but she is also known as one of the utmost professional, hardworking, dedicated, passionate and positive female dancer in the business.

Kim has gained the LOVE and RESPECT not only from her peers, but from tens of thousands of fans from around the world. She is an INSPIRATION and MENTOR to so many, especially young women. Kim constantly promotes SELF-LOVE and POSITIVITY. She loves to encourage everyone to dream big, work hard and love fearlessly. She knows that it took more than just her talent to get to where she is today, and she has made it her MISSION to share those valuable lessons and tools with the world.

Kim Gingras is truly passionate about bringing full awareness to the power of living a LOVEFUL, GRATEFUL and JOYFUL life all while pursuing your wildest dreams.

We are convinced that with all these amazing qualities, Kim will aid the Network in fulfilling its mission.

Thank you Kim !

Drea is an original Texas girl and has been involved in competitive track and field, athletics and fitness her entire life. With a double University major in sociology and criminal psychology she combines her past struggles with her everyday outlook on life to help her clients, partners and brands accomplish happiness.

She is revered in her field and is a true fighter of what she holds near and dear to her heart. Drea has trained some of the best in the fields of television, movies, sports and fitness! They call upon Drea to whip them into tip top shape and seek her fitness and nutrition plans to succeed.

Drea created BODYLICIOUS, a cutting-edge program based on building strength, confidence and beauty through a dynamic workout program and a fresh take on how to live an empowered life. A healthy and positive body image is what she wants all her clients, friends and family to have. She is also known to tailor her fitness and nutrition plans to her clients in order to achieve the best possible results.

Drea’s patented and innovative approach to getting fit and staying fit, coupled with her enthusiasm and passion, have propelled her to the forefront of the fitness world. Bringing amazing energy to every class she teaches, Drea brings people together to burn calories and HAVE A BLAST!

With Drea in our corner, SHINE will reach new heights!

Thank you Drea!