The Missing Children’s Network would like to thank all those who followed and supported our many initiatives in November, a special month dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of runaways.

A special thank you to the following High Schools who warmly welcomed our Education Specialists, Tiffany and Diane:

  •   Perspectives 1 & 11
  •   John Paul 1 High School
  •   Vincent Massey Collegiate
  •   Rosemount High School

Our team had the opportunity to discuss the dangers of running away with 620 high school students and provided them with alternative solutions.  Tiffany and Diane conveyed the importance of seeking help and always speaking with a safe adult.   We also took the opportunity to launch our «Don’t Leaf »campaign, an innovative project that allows students to create a tree and leave messages of hope for the entire student body to see. We hope that these inspirational messages serve as a reminder to never give up hope in difficult times. They are not alone!

A warm thank you to Concordia University (Human Relations, Psychology and Sociology) and Vanier College (Special Care Counselling) who invited us to speak to their students about the issue of sexual exploitation in our province.  These sessions allowed us to sensitize 130 future youth workers about the issue and most importantly, what we can do to prevent the victimization of youth.

We are also very grateful to the following media partners (and friends!) that helped vehicle our important safety messages to parents and educators:

  •     LCN  (Jean-François Guérin)
  •     Global Morning Show  (Laura Casella)
  •     Focus Montreal  (Jamie Orchard)
  •     Journal Métro
  •    CBC Home Run
  •    Planète F  (Anne Frédérique Hébert-Dolbec)
  •    Radio Versus  (Jean-François Morency)

Finally, many thanks to all of you who liked and shared our daily safety tips. Together, we are making our corner of the world a safer place for our children and youth!