Congratulations – the birth of your child is a beautiful and joyous occasion. As parents there are many things to think about that it can become frightening and confusing. You are not alone and we’re here to help.

Although the chances of an infant abduction are extremely rare, the Missing Children’s Network feels that discussing infant safety is of top concern. As a parent you play an important role in keeping your child safe and protecting them from harm. We have put together a few guidelines to help you do so. We hope that the following document will help to ease your worries.

During your stay:

  • Become familiar with your nurse and other hospital staff who are taking care of you and your infant. You are entitled to ask that they properly identify themselves whenever they come in your room.
  • Once your child has been born the infant can be taken out of the mother’s room for tests, or to be weighed. It’s highly suggested that you have the father or another family member stay with the infant at all times. If you need to leave your room or take a nap have a family member watch over the baby. NEVER leave your infant alone in your room.
  • If possible keep the baby’s bassinet on the side of your bed away from the door, or as far from your door as possible. If convenient keep the door to your room closed at all times.
  • Question unfamiliar persons entering your room or inquiring about your infant. Be sure to report anything that you think is suspicious or out of place.
  • For your personal records to take home have at least one photograph of your infant taken along with a footprint and compile it all together with a basic description of the infant.
Photo by Hollie Santos on Unsplash

Recommendations for when you leave the hospital:

  • Upon returning home we strongly suggest not to use outdoor announcements such as balloons,

flowers, storks etc. to call attention to the presence of a newborn in your home.

  • Use caution in creating websites for your infant or posting photographs of your newborn online. Limit access to those you know personally and trust. Ensure your privacy features are all up to date, especially on social media.
    • Once you leave the hospital it is customary for a nurse from the CLSC to communicate with you and arrange a visit at your home, where they will assess you and your baby’s health and answer your questions. Always take the time to properly identify anyone that comes into your house.
    • Never leave your infant unsupervised in a stroller, vehicle or public place. Not even for a minute.
    • Be vigilant when selecting caregivers for your baby. Choose an individual that has been highly recommended to you and always verify their references. Remember to always trust your instincts!

We wish you a lot of happy moments with your newborn!