Launch of Missing Children’s Month

In 1986, the Solicitor General of Canada proclaimed May 25th as National Missing Children’s Day. Over the years, the Missing Children’s Network has declared May to be Missing Children Month not only to raise awareness about the plight of missing children in Quebec but also to inform parents and educators about what they can do in order to better protect their children against abduction, aggression and exploitation.

According to the RCMP’s latest statistics, last year, in Quebec alone, on average 19 children were reported missing daily. With 7,025 cases originating from Quebec, the province registered the 4th highest report of missing children in the country. Once again, runaway youth accounted for the majority of missing children reports. While 90% of these children were found within days of their disappearance, many will remain missing for weeks, months and even years. The longer they are missing, the more vulnerable they become.

“Every day, as we have been doing for the past 33 years, the Missing Children’s Network helps keep hope alive for dozens of families”, said Pina Arcamone, Director General of the organization. Our team is deeply committed to never stop searching for children until they are found, no matter the circumstances. For us, hope is not just a word, it’s our guiding principle.

The Missing Children’s Network is getting ready for International Missing Children's Day this Friday!🕯️ #NoiseForTheMissing ... See MoreSee Less

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The Missing Children's Network is pleased to inform you that 17-year-old Aya Rbah, has been found. Thank you to all of those who shared her picture. ... See MoreSee Less

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When you arrive in a new place with your child, such as a park, shopping center, grocery store, etc., make sure you identify with your child all the safe people and places that they can approach if they ever need help: for example, a store employee, a security guard, a police officer, etc. In an emergency situation, children need to know that there is always someone available to help them. ... See MoreSee Less

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We Never Stop Searching!

Mélina Martin was only 13 years-old when she disappeared back on January 23, 2005, and 14 year-old David Fortin was last seen leaving his home on February 10, 2009.

Both Mélina and David are two young teenagers who vanished without a trace.

Their families’ resolve to find their missing child is as strong today as the day they went missing and remain hopeful that answers will come soon. They will never stop searching and neither will we!

Hope is definitely in the air! Thank you for sharing Mélina’s and David’s photos. One click is all it takes to help bring them home!
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Job Opening

Le Réseau Enfants-Retour est à la recherche d’un(e) intervenant(e) qui sera responsable d’animer les ateliers de prévention destinés aux enfants et adolescents. La sécurité et le bien-être des enfants et des jeunes sont au cœur de notre mission depuis 1985.  Si vous...

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Job Opening

Le Réseau Enfants-Retour est à la recherche d’un(e) intervenant(e), programmes jeunesse qui travaillera en étroite collaboration avec la coordonnatrice des programmes jeunesse. Il/elle sera principalement responsable d’animer des sessions d’information auprès de...

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Jesse Galganov Fund

At the request of the family, the Missing Children’s Network has created the Jesse Galganov Fund. The family of Jesse Galganov is trying to locate their son who has been missing since September 28, 2017 while on a hiking trip in Peru. They have not heard from Jesse in...

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Make a Donation

Your financial help allows us to offer quality services to families and professionals.

Eighty-six cents ($0.86) of every dollar received goes directly to our recovery and prevention programs.


Heartfelt words of gratitude

An American woman wrote to us the morning of March 29th to thank us for the help that we provided her with 19 years-ago when she was reunited with her son. Her kind words were for our Senior Case Manager, Patrick Bergeron:

“Hi Patrick,

It was wonderful speaking with you today.  When I think of you, I am filled with gratitude that you were there for me and Sam when we needed you most.  Thank you for what you did for us and thank you for everything you do for missing children and their families.  You are a giant among men.”

This kind of testimony motivates our team to continue its quest to reunite families with their children!


Mother of Sam, missing child recovered on March 29, 1998

Since I have been donating to your organization, I have been very lucky not to have lost any of my children and I now have 4 grandchildren!  I will always continue to support this cause that is very dear to me. Losing a child for a mere 20 seconds is such a dreadful feeling, and I could never ever imagine feeling like this until my child was returned home.  I wish that so many other parents could share the same blessing I have had. My heart goes out to everyone who has a missing child. Keep up the fantastic work Pina , please. You and your team are amazing!!

Sandra Bolduc

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